Oberg Mountain

MP 87.5

N 47.62796 W 90.78445


Two miles inland off Highway 61 at MP 87.5 on Forest Service Road #522 (Onion River Road) you will find Oberg parking lot on the left hand side of the road.  This parking lot is the trail head for both Mt. Leveaux (to the south) and Oberg Mountain (to the north) hiking loops and is part of the Superior Hiking Trail. Go north one quarter of a mile up this trail to a spur trail that goes to the top of Oberg Mountain.  Here you will find (7) seven different vista overlooks that include the inland terrain to the west, Mt. Leveaux to the south, Lake Superior to the east, Lake Oberg and the North Shore to the north.

The show time for fall colors are at their peak beginning in mid-September and goes through mid-October.


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