Tofte Park

MP 82.4

N 47.57181 W 90.83821


To see a most unique park on Lake Superior, turn lakeside at MP 82.4 onto Tofte Park Road or Cook County #24 which is located by the Tofte Post Office.  This road is a frontage road along Lake Superior and loops back to Highway 61 at Sugar Beach Resort at MP 82.1.

The park provides a place to launch your boat into Lake Superior, BBQ your catch, picnic and watch ore boats and sail boats. There is a playground for kids (both big and small) along with a shelter house. The park has some of the most unique outdoor art work on the North Shore and is well worth your time to stop by and view it.  You will see a sculpture work of a Lake Trout chasing a school of herring fish. You will also see stone bridges and wishing wells make out of red, white and blue rocks from Lake Superior.


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