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I begin our tour of the Highway 61 North Shore Scenic Drive at these 5 points of interest in Duluth, Minnesota.

Thompson Hill Information and I35 Rest Area - (Off Interstate 35 Exit 249 from the south or Exit 250 from the north).  What a view of the Duluth Harbor!  From here you can see St. Louis River feeding into St. Louis Bay and right on down to the aerial lift bridge leading out into Lake Superior. They have an excellent array of images that show and tell what you are looking at out the viewing window. Pick up all of your maps and brochures here.


Skyline Parkway Scenic Byway goes right by here as well. This 36-mile byway follows the ridge line through Duluth and offers spectacular views of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin.


Enger Tower - (highest point of land in the city of Duluth) is on Hank Jensen Drive off of Skyline Drive. This tower provides a birdís eye view of Duluth.  From here you can see up the North Shore of Lake Superior and the St. Louis Bay Harbor.  Check out the flower gardens.


Canal Park - allows you a close up view of the 1,000 foot ore boats as well as the small kayaks going through the Duluth entry.  The US Army Corp. of Engineering Maritime Museum (free admission) will provide you with the answers to how the harbor works with scale model ships, ore boats, videos and much more. There are plenty of things to do and see in this area.


Hawk Ridge - on the east side of Duluth at the end of Skyline Parkway is as much of a panoramic view to Lake Superior as the I35 Rest Area is to the St. Louis Bay Harbor. One complements the other.  Hawk Ridge is also the best place to bird watch in Minnesota.


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